Handyman No Jackass

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If you can forgive the startling article header, some things need to be said because unfortunately, there’s still far too many foolish guys out there who choose to behave cheaply. Had they budgeted wisely from day one, they would not be in the position they’re in now whereby they always seem to be swimming upstream and being swept right back to square one. Or climbing uphill before rolling right back down again.

Because true be it that some of these guys cannot swim, and they would sink anyhow. Unfortunately, there are amongst these guys that others in the hood would irritatingly classify as jackasses. They are a nuisance to others and do as they please with little to no consideration for the consequences. They give their hired hands free reign to make as much noise and racket as they darn well please, building illegally too as it turns out.

Sounds all very negative by now but unfortunately there are still those guys who haven’t read the memo. That’s another thing. Fools don’t read. Sensible, responsible people, on the other hand, do. And many of them have read about their handyman in port royal sc. Yep, this is a guy who is now smart enough to have his own business website up and running. He’s got a whole lot of confidence in his ability to do the work that pleases the customers most.

 He’s got a whole lot of confidence to attract new customers like sunflowers do to the bees out in the meadows. So much so that he’s got no issues about giving away free do and don’t tips on his website for brave and conscientious guys who really want to try their own hand to do it themselves. But there will always be warning signs.